Support Shelley P. Haley

Support for Dr. Shelley P. Haley at Hamilton College

Please email David Whippman (, President of Hamilton College, in support of MRECC co-founder Dr. Shelley P. Haley, Edward North Chair of Classics and Professor of Africana Studies at Hamilton College. You can also email the Secretary of the Board at Hamilton College, Gillian King ( See message below for details. 

On June 21, 2020 Dr. Haley shared the following on the MRECC Facebook page: 

I am trying to reach as many people as possible about the toxic performative allyship that is happening at my college (Hamilton College). Although in my post I ask Hamilton people specifically to contact Wippman, I ask that anyone who feels inclined to do so. I posted this yesterday to my FB page: 

I have taught at Hamilton College for nearly 31 years. For many of those years I was the only woman of African descent at any rank. Once tenured I was asked by a WW assistant professor to empty her trash (and berated for not doing it sooner.) I stayed because I love my Black and other SOC. Our current college president, David Wippman, is tone-deaf when it comes to race, preferring false equivalency, “common ground” and other projects of white privilege. Yesterday, on Juneteenth, Wippman announced the establishment of an Advisory Council to help build “a community that fully embraces diversity, equity and inclusion at Hamilton.” I responded by saying I hoped I would be appointed to this Council. Here is the response I received today, “Shelley, I wasn’t able to include everyone who expressed interest in being a member of the Advisory Council, but I and other members of the Council would welcome the chance to speak with you to get your thoughts and suggestions. David” I am hurt, humiliated, angry at such blatant disrespect. I am asking my FB friends who have any association with Hamilton College to let Wippman know that THIS IS NOT OK (if you agree; if you don’t or feel the need to make excuses please let me know so I can unfriend you.) Let me be clear: I will not serve on this Council NOW if asked and I will not contribute or help. My takeaway from this is that Hamilton College is a bastion of white privilege which will not confront its own racist past and current racism. And is content to stay that way. Enough. Black Lives Matter.