Action Plan


  1. Listen to the Black leaders in our community and the needs they express.
  2. Regularly boost ongoing fundraisers that are run by or serve Black people including SportulaBlack Lives Matter, and bail funds.
  3. Read and reflect on what we can do as an organization and as individuals while being mindful of the harm of tokenization and avoiding the addition of more emotional, mental, and physical labor on Black people.
  4. Communicate with other organizations and individuals to collaborate and contribute to the collective front of antiracism in and outside Classics as well as support ongoing protests and protestors.


June 2021

  1. Submit for review the language for an ancient studies section on the CARE (Center for Antiracist Education) website page. .

May 2021

  1. Write and revise the language for an ancient studies section on the CARE (Center for Antiracist Education) website page. .

April 2021

  1. Plan antiracist panels and events for SCS 2022 and other upcoming events for the following school year.

March 2021

  1. March 1 – Announcing the forthcoming publication Antiracist Teaching in Ancient Studies: A Guide for Teacher Education and Practice (2022) written by MRECC co-founders Shelley P. Haley and Kelly P. Dugan as well as MRECC member Jackie Murray.

February 2021

  1. February 18 – Announcing official endorsement of the Center for Antiracist Education (CARE), a national organization dedicated to transforming American education through antiracist action. Our organization’s name MRECC appears on their website indicating our support and collaboration in the exchange of ideas.
  2. February 25 – MRECC Sponsored event – Shelley P. Haley, ‘It’s What He Intended’: Translation, Authorial Intent, and Racism in Classics hosted by Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

January 2021

  1. January 7 – MRECC reception at SCS
  2. January 15 – Establish upcoming antiracist events including at regional conferences.

December 2020

  1. December 18 – Plan SCS MRECC events – EOS/MRECC Collaboration
  2. December 31 – Post information for members regarding the panels and events being hosted at SCS that are centered on antiracism and social justice (e.g. Presidential Panel)

November 2020

  1. November 16 – Establish Collaboration with Eos for SCS 2021
  2. November 30 – Begin MRECC event planning at SCS 2021

October 2020

  1. October 16 – Ongoing research and dialogue
  2. October 30 – Ongoing research and dialogue

September 2020

  1. September 14 – Collaborate on report regarding publishing letter writing campaign.
  2. September 28 – Establish school-year MRECC antiracist events and identify organizers

August 2020

  1. August 17 – Request member input for actions in the fall. Share July & August bibliography updates and gather input for new additions via Facebook and Twitter.
  2. August 31 – Announce updates to MRECC members on publishing companies regarding their antiracism action plans and publications.

JULY 2020

  1. July 13 – Significantly add to the bibliography on the MRECC website. Include suggestions that have been made by the Classics community such as a section for TV, film, and other media.
  2. July 20 – Significantly improve the fiction section of the bibliography by adding at least 15-20 more suggested texts.
  3. July 27 – Update the MRECC community on the responses from publishing companies regarding antiracism efforts in their presses.

JUNE 2020

  1. June 1 – Post on the MRECC Facebook website support for #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd.
  2. June 1 – Ask the MRECC community for feedback on how people would like to see us take action.
  3. June  3 – Update MRECC community members via Facebook, express gratitude for their feedback, and go to work on next steps.
  4. June 5 – Post statement of solidarity and action plan on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. June 15 – Create and post on our website and Facebook a comprehensive and updated spreadsheet of CURRENT resources on antiracism (in and outside Classics) including detailed categories that are easily searchable.
  6. June 15 – Ask MRECC community for feedback on the resources spreadsheet and continue to add more resources as information is shared.
  7. June 22 – Create and post preliminary guidelines for course design that center antiracism pedagogy including direct engagement with Black Lives Matter.
  8. June 22 – Invite others to share their feedback on the guidelines created and improve them as necessary.
  9. June 29 – Launch a letter-writing campaign to eliminate implicit and explicit racism in Classics textbooks. A template will be created and shared with everyone in the MRECC community so that as many people can get involved as possible.